Oak Tree Maintenance

There are many types of tree and each of those tree needs a maintenance whether it is a minor maintenance or a major one, tree maintenance is very important. Oak trees are somewhat easy to maintain but it does need proper maintenance like any other tree, people have forgotten to take care of their oak trees because of that reason. In this article we will talk about ways to take care of our oak trees, from what soil to have to the amount of water need to grow them. If you don’t take care of oak trees properly, they will end up being dead, dead trees are dangerous, contacting oak forest service is a great idea for that problem. 

  • Sunlight, Water,and Soil

Sunlight, water and soil are really important for oak trees, they are one of the reasons why oak trees live and if it is no properly suited for an oak tree.  Sunlight is essential for a tree because it brings energy to the tree, oak trees prefer sun so it would be good if the sun directly hit the tree. Water is what helps the plant transfer important nutrients to its body, oak tree needs watering every day because it can help the tree get stronger but don’t overdo it.  Soil is also very important for a tree because soil helps the tree to make its own food, oak trees prefer a well-drained soil so it is suggested to use well-drained soil. 

  • Pruning

Pruning is essential for an oak tree since a lot of roots, branches, trees, barks, could potentially steal the nutrients from an oak tree and if that continues eventually the tree will die. Pruning should be done at least 1 time in 2 or 3 years when it is young and 3 to 5 years when it is older or not that young but when pruning you should protect the pruned area. You need to protect the pruned area because oak trees have a different pruning needs and when that kind of pruning need can’t be complied pests could feed from the pruned area. That incident would occur on summers, when pests feed, they will bring diseases and that kind of thing is called Oak Wilt, so you should be careful of pruning your oak tree. 

  • Fertilizing

Fertilizing is also very important for an oak tree because it’s what helps the oak tree grow and maintain the health of the tree, because of that don’t shrug fertilizers. Young oak trees need fertilizer because it helps them grow and be stronger, without it your tree will not survive long in the environment and it would be sad if you tree died. Mature trees need fertilizer also, it is what helps them maintain their health and be well, without it is expected that your tree will not live long and eventually die. So, fertilizing is very important because it is what keeps the tree grow, without fertilizers the tree will die, and to add to that you should also keep mind of the quality of your fertilizer. 

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